Leadership Development

Discover Where You Are In Life & Work, Determine Where You Want To Go,
& Build A Strategy To Get There

Our Leadership Development Process

Connect With Us

Let’s talk for a few minutes to review your interest in coaching.

Take A DISC Assessment

Complete a behavior and attitudes assessment.

Commit To Coaching

Review the coaching process,  expectations, and commitments.

Meet With Your Coach

Experience your first coaching session in-person or online.

How Our Leadership Development Process Works

  • Coaching

A key part to a successful coaching relationship is a proper coaching introduction. Our first session will be an introduction to professional coaching and the process we use for coaching.

  • Leadership

After the initial coaching introduction, you will take a leadership assessment to give both you and your coach a clear picture of your behaviors and attitudes. 

  • Ongoing coaching

In the first coaching session, we will review your assessment results and discuss them in detail. The remaining sessions will be based on your needs and goals.

Our coaching is about the marriage of a person’s potential with performance. The coaching context is to allow people to learn rather than teach them.

Learn About Our Leadership Advance Program

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