The Gillette Family

Everyone has the ability to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Thriving people are Self-aware, Accountable, Growing, and driven to Empower others. 

The key is learning what you are passionate about and the individual talents you possess. As these become clearer, focus improves and success follows. 

We all have a sense of where our passions lie, though there can be ambiguity as to what drives us. We generally know our skills, strengths, and talents, though we can be unclear on how to use those abilities to realize our passions.

At Gillette Solutions, we help small business owners, solopreneurs, and millennial leaders develop new perspectives, thought patterns, and habits to overcome fear, doubt, and improve self confidence.

We do this by helping you uncover, recover, and discover your passions and talents through the process of behavioral analysis and coaching to provide perspective and insight. 

To help you thrive, we offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and self-paced courses, including our Sage Mindset course.


Effective leadership training, team building, and personal development is more than a business for me, it is a calling.

On a mission trip to India with a friend, I was introduced to a live-in men’s mentoring program called Alpha Academy. My passion for coaching started to take shape and set the stage for shifting from coaching and training the body to the mind.

After graduating from Cal Poly State University I moved into a full time position at Alpha Academy working with 18-25-year-old young men who were stuck or lost in life and seeking direction and hope. 

After relocating to the Pacific Northwest I was hired as the Human Resources Director at Christ the King Church in Bellingham. where I was introduced to the DISC assessment tool.

It became apparent how profoundly the DISC tool could empower communication and connection between people and within organizations. These tools, combined with my love of coaching, was the catalyst for moving beyond faith-based mentoring and starting Gillette Solutions in 2017.

When not working with clients, I’m out hiking or as an avid racquetball player, you can find me on the courts. During winter months, time is spent cross-country skiing with my family.  

Kyle Gillette
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