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All people have the ability to thrive in their personal and professional lives - to obtain freedom and independence we strive to achieve. 

The key is learning your passions and the individual talents you possess. As these become clear, focus improves and success follows. 

We all have a sense of where our passions lie, though there can be ambiguity as to what drives us. We generally know our skills, strengths, and talents, though we can be unclear on how to use those abilities to realize our passions.

At Gillette Solutions, we help small business owners, solopreneurs, and business professionals develop new perspectives, thought patterns, and habits to overcome fear, doubt, and improve self-confidence.

I help you take control of your time, talent, and build a roadmap to increase your bottom-line.  We do this through courses, behavioral analysis, and (my favorite) coaching!


I've experienced both great successes as a business owner and frustrating failures. My successes were the result of great mentoring and coaching while my business failures (unfortunately, two of them) were the result of not seeking the coaching and guidance I needed.

These experiences have led me down (unbeknownst to me) a very specific path. From men's mentoring, to pet resorts, to HR, and my experiences running a successful personal training business, helping people reach their human potential through the power of mindset has always been my path.

This business and life education have put a desire in my heart to help people experience work from a whole new level of satisfaction and reward. My certifications in behavioral analysis, professional coaching, and personal training along with a degree in Kinesiology make me uniquely qualified to serve and support my clients. 

Ultimately, this led me to create the SAGE Mindset Leadership framework.

When not coaching, recording podcasts, or recording content I’m out hiking, biking, or running. If it's raining here in the PNW, you'll find me on the courts playing racquetball with friends or cross-country skiing with my family.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you on your leadership journey! Let's connect.


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