As a certified executive coach and trainer, I work with small business owners, business leaders, and independent professionals to help them overcome fears, self-doubt, struggles with confidence and instead develop new perspectives, thinking patterns, and habits.

In my coaching practice, I do this by helping you uncover, recover, and discover your passions and talents through the process of behavioral analysis and coaching so you can get perspective and gain your confidence back.

What Could Be

No one ever really “arrives” in terms of their self-awareness. But the clearer we can get on our passions and talents, the closer we can get to living a fulfilled life. When we live fulfilled, we are more successful, those around us are more successful, and so is your business.

Everyone has the ability to thrive in their personal and professional lives. The beauty is your talents and passions allow you to contribute in your own unique way to those around you and the world. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to discover their unique talents and gifts and then apply them to their life and work.

But there is a way to make this happen. Thriving people are Self-Aware, Growing, Accountable, and driven to Empower others. All of this is within your reach.

No matter what your role is in an organization, a family, or a friend group when you thrive in these four areas, everyone around you benefits.

Imagine a business, a family, a friend group of thriving people. What would that do? Imagine yourself thriving, what would be different in your life?


Kyle is originally from CA, born and raised on an orange farm in the Central Valley. He attended Cal Poly State University and got a BS in Kinesiology.

On school breaks during his university years, Kyle had the opportunity to travel the world and share his faith. That’s when his passion for coaching and mentoring people started to take shape.

When Kyle graduated from Cal Poly, he joined a live-in men’s mentoring program called Alpha Academy.

Here he coached and mentored 18-25-year-old young men who were stuck or lost in life and seeking to find direction and hope. Eventually, he was promoted to become the Executive Director of Alpha Academy and ran the program until he and his wife moved north to Washington.

With the birth of their second child, Kyle and his wife decided to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and be closer to his wife’s family. He worked as a Director at a senior living facility and later became the Human Resources Director at Christ the King Church in Bellingham.

In this role, he was introduced to the DISC communication tool. Where he helped screen candidates, conducted training workshops, and coached the staff on communication and self-awareness.

He soon realized how profoundly the DISC tools could empower communication and connection between people and within organizations.

DISC and Kyle’s natural gift for coaching became the catalyst for him to move beyond faith-based mentoring and coaching into business and communication coaching full time.

It provides an avenue that allows individual transformation to ripple out and impact entire communities. Effective leadership training, team building, and personal development is more than a business for Kyle, it is a calling.

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