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Does This Describe Your Experience?

Do you find yourself feeling overworked, out-of-balance, stressed, not where you thought you should be by now, and not experiencing the freedom desired? That's what far too many small business owners are experiencing on a day-to-day basis. Just one of these frustrating feelings is a huge block to making progress in life and business. Whether it's a struggle with time management, saying "yes" to too many things, or not knowing how to scale my clients learn to take control and make the small decisions that create massive change.

If you find yourself identifying with any of these struggles, I've now helped dozens of clients break through these limitations and regain the balance, freedom, and financial success they desire. I do this through a powerful process I call the SAGE Framework and it's what will help you achieve your multiply your success through the day-to-day of small decisions, thinking shifts, and habits.

Think About These Questions For A Moment

  • Do you need to be more organized?
  • Do you struggle with time management?
  • Do you have a strategy in place to grow your business?
  • Does your mindset limit your personal and professional growth?
  • Do you struggle to delegate and build your team to the level it needs to be?

If you can say "no" to any of these questions, the SAGE Framework is a fit for you and WILL help you multiply your life and business.

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What Can You Expect?

I typically work with owners of businesses with 0-15 employees who are looking to grow their business but aren't getting the results they expect. They have broken the $100,000 mark and want to scale their business or increase their income.

But many of these business owners are trying to do too much and haven’t created the freedom they desire. Before working with me, my clients were out of balance, working too many hours, not charging enough, and didn’t have the right systems in place.

To resolve these issues a few things I’ve worked on with my clients include limiting mindsets, false beliefs, imposter syndrome, saying “yes” too much, burnout, and confidence. We turn these battles into new self-awareness, extreme accountability to high-level goals, clarity around values, genuine confidence, habits that create and maintain growth, and systems/processes to empower the people around my clients.

We do this through a highly engaging 6-month coaching relationship that results in huge financial gains, habits and mindsets that change lives, teams that are thriving, and balance that brings the freedom to enjoy life, family, and travel.


Kyle Gillette has 15 years of coaching experience in his career. He is a ICF certified coach, John Maxwell Certified coach, and has several certifications and years of study in personalities and people behavior. Kyle is an author, creator of the SAGE Leadership Framework™. To learn more about Kyle's origin story, watch his "About Me" video ➡️


Leadership Assessments


We take a deep look at your behavioral traits, thinking patterns, and habits to help you quickly advance your leadership. We focus on building your strengths, finding others to help you with limitations, and leveraging your unique wiring. This program is a 3 session process that serves as a jumpstart to helping you gain control of your life and business again.

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SAGE Accountability Mastermind


Getting clarity and maintaining momentum can be a big task for business owners. In these SAGE Accountability Pods, 3-4 business owners come together to hold each other accountable for achieving high-level results. These groups leave no room for excuses and everyone is expected to achieve massive results and contribute in significant ways every session.

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Powerful Coaching


Many of the most successful people in the world hire coaches to help them reach to the level they have achieved and to reach for more. A great coach gets you results by telling you the truth, believing in you, and helping you build the habits and mindsets that get you there. Kyle's coaching will help you leverage your skills, talents, and the people around you so you can 10X your life and business.

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