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What Is Business Coaching?

Working with a business coach is the ticket to achieving massive results. Some of the most successful businesses and business owners in the world turn to business coaches to become distinct in the marketplace.

When you work with Gillette Solutions, you get one on one support and expert coaching weekly or biweekly to keep you on track for 6-12 months. During these meetings, you'll develop clear goals and build action plans to achieve them, break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and identify opportunities to accelerate business growth.

Who Can Benefit From Business Coaching?

If you are just starting and need guidance and accountability on how to keep thing moving in the right direction or if your business is established but has hit a wall (or you've hit a wall), with Kyle Gillette as your coach, you'll create a plan for massive growth and success.

Kyle will get to know you, your team, and your business to empower you with personal, one to one guidance to help push you to achieve your greatest goals and meet your business' specific needs. With continued coaching, you’ll experience greater and greater success. When you provide business coaching for each member of your leadership team, this results in exponential growth.

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Business Coach?

From top business leaders to professional athletes. The best know that they need a coach to get the results that want. A coach helps you achieve more than your initial goals. Your coach is there to continually push you and your team to achieve more than you ever thought possible. With Kyle Gillette as your business coach, you’ll uncover and break through mindset and habit limitations that hold you, your team, and your business back.

When you work with Kyle, you will:

Become More Profitable

Business owners across the world desire to increase their revenues. You are no different. We help you learn how to leverage 5 key areas of your business - Leadership, customer service, hiring, productivity, and goal achievement - adding tremendous value to your bottom line.

Hire The Right People

Getting the right people in the right seats going the right direction is the key to maintaining the momentum you've built in your business. For many business owners, this is a struggle that severely limits their growth. Working with a business coach provides the outside perspective needed to help you build the right team for your business. We help you build and maintain a employee culture that is productive, innovative, and get's results.

Become A Better Leader

Effective leaders build successful businesses. A great business coach helps you build the habits and mindsets that will lead to you being a more effective leader. Kyle will work with you do build a roadmap for you to grow your leadership skills and empower others. The SAGE Leadership Program unlocks these skills and helps you build the habits to maintain a path toward more and more effective leadership.

Work With Gillette Solutions To Elevate Business And Leadership

Working with Gillette solutions is your first step toward massive growth for your leadership and business. Schedule your Discover Call below to start achieving at new levels.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Simon Fountain


Content & Email Copywriter

Through Kyle’s coaching, I gained more clarity and certainty in what I want my marriage and my career to look like. Our conversations helped me learn more about myself and discover what is truly important to me and how to get it. My life has become less complicated, more purposeful, and there’s more time for activities that bring me rest.


Owner - Craggy Peak Research

I first approached Kyle about improving my skills as a manager. I had several part-time employees but no formal training on how to effectively manage them. Over the course of the sessions, though, I realized that my real problem wasn't managing my employees, it was managing myself. I own my own business, but I wasn't really in charge - I was letting myself be pushed around by everyone else's expectations, which left me stressed, overwhelmed, and drained. Kyle helped me re-structure how I approach work, which has made a dramatic difference. I'm spending more time on things that really matter, less time on things that drained me but had little benefit, and overall I feel much more in charge of my own destiny.

Taylor Rubart


Owner - Flannel Media

Here's the thing about Kyle — he knows the right questions to ask, and the right follow up questions to ask. He helps you get out of your own head, and think through solutions to problems you're facing. Thanks for all the help Kyle, you're great at what you do.

Justin Cron


Owner - Salish Media Group

Unbelievably useful and powerful. I was optimistic about the DISC method at first, but almost immediately found the value after sitting down with Kyle. Not only was I able to learn a lot about myself and my business management skills, but I was also able to see how beneficial this method is for my current business relationships.



Owner - Climb Strategies

Working with Kyle has been a wonderful addition to my coaching practice and my personal life. His knowledge, kindness, and commitment to his clients creates a powerful journey of new beginnings. I am so grateful I can now also call him, my friend.

Things To Know About Our Business Coaching

What Can You Expect?

When you work with Gillette Solutions you are hiring a business coach who has a track record of helping leaders build an amazing team, create efficient/effective processes and achieve their goals. We help you create alignment in your organization around the powerful markers of your vision and values. We help you develop the cultural habits in your leadership and business that will bring about continuous improvement in your people and processes resulting in more profitability. Our business coaching helps you address challenges, get back into balance, and build the habits to for long-term success. 

Will Business coaching really work?

Business coaching works. But don't take our word for it. There are numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of business coaching. Forbes is just one of many. The benefits include financial benefits far exceeding the investment made in coaching. Communication skills significantly improved. Work performance also increased. Our clients see improvement in self-awareness, their ability to stay accountable to their commitments, and improved ability to empower those around them. 

Why Hire Gillette Solutions?

Gillette Solutions provides business coaching for a wide variety of reasons. We help with burnout, employee transition, leadership development, and to act as a sounding board for owners and top leaders. Your business may be just starting and needs guidance. We have help many businesses with this. You may find you are struggling to keep customers or employees. We help organizations develop the systems and processes to prevent this pattern from repeating. Perhaps you need help with marketing, our business coaching will help you develop an effective marketing plan that unlocks growth for your business. We come along side your to support you in any challenges you are facing as a business owner or leader. 

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

When you invest in business coaching through Gillette Solutions, we know your ROI is important. We understand that and desire to far exceed your expectations and deliver massive results both financially and interpersonally. Our business coaching touches all areas of running a business - mindset to finances, from hiring to customer service, and communication to productivity our coaching becomes a powerful means to extraordinary results. When you know this, the cost of business coaching becomes a means to that end. But we want to prove that to you by offering a discovery call to learn more about our costs and how we can serve your business. 

Working With Kyle Gillette

By investing in business coaching with Gillette Solutions, you are empowering your business and team to achieve any goals you have. Our SAGE Framework and one to one coaching provides a powerful methodology to help you experience the results you need and the freedom you wanted when you first started your business. Coaching is about the present and the future. We work together to empower you with tools, insights, and new mindsets to unlock that future and grow your bottom line. With Kyle Gillette as your guide, you'll create a plan for massive growth in your business and leadership. Kyle's one one one coaching is based on your specific situation to help you achieve your greatest goals and meet the unique needs of your business. With business coaching, you'll experience greater and greater clarity, momentum, and results than you ever have before. When you incorporate business coaching services for each member of your leadership team, you can expect even more results.

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