Powerful Assessments To Help You Fix
Gaps In Company Performance

Discover performance gaps • Implement A Strategic plan • Grow your Company

Do You Know Your Performance Gaps?

  • Are you experiencing cultural challenges?
  • Has progress on your systems
    and processes stalled?
  • Is your leadership team
    struggling to find traction?
  • Is turnover higher than
    it should be?
  • Has customer satisfaction
  • Has poor communication
    created workplace tension?

Get the data you need So You Can Create a
Business Strategy that works

You should be able to quickly and easily get actionable data on all areas of your company’s performance and have a rock-solid strategy to improve performance. Our Performance Gap Indicator Business Assessment is a one-of-a-kind tool to take your company’s performance to new heights. We help you discover performance gaps, develop a strategic plan to implement change, and provide a follow-up assessment to track ROI.

Discover the gaps in your business

We provide a company-wide business assessment that focuses on 5 non-financial key performance areas. The results provide you with actionable data for high-impact changes. 

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assessment tools and strategy

Create a strategic plan

Next, we review the results of the business assessment and together a business strategy to shrink gaps in performance.

Grow Your Business

Last, we help you implement your strategic plan and provide a follow-up business assessment to track company progress.

Team Building

If You Could Change One Thing...

If you could change one thing about your business (besides your profits) if you could snap your fingers and this one thing would change, what would you change? What if you had a tool to measure the effectiveness of this change? Would that make you more willing to attempt to change this one thing?

It's Easy To Get Started With Us

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Get The Data
You Need

Deploy the mobile-friendly employee survey. Employees need just 10-minutes to give you insights about your business you've never had before.

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Develop A
Strategic Plan

With the help of the survey results, we work with you to develop a strategic plan to fix gaps in culture, operations, leadership, training, and service.

business assessment step 3

Implement Your
Plan And Grow

Utilize Gillette Solution's consulting and coaching services. Track your progress by completing surveys biannually and watch your business grow.

PGI Assessment Details

The business assessment tool we use is called the Performance Gap Indicator Assessment. The PGI combines anonymous individual employee responses from a 45-question survey and analyzes results across 5 core performance areas called Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators or NF-KPIs. The 5 areas are Culture, Operations, Leadership, Training, and Service. 

The mobile-friendly assessment takes the individual anonymous responses and compiles them into one company-wide report for overall performance data. The data measures how effective your organization is in the 5 NF-KPIs. We use three scales to help determine performance gaps.  The True Scale  measures how true each of the 45 statements are to the organization. The Importance Scale measures how important the statement is to the organization. While the Effective Scale measures how effective the organization is at each statement. The performance gap is the difference between the Effective Scale and the Total Potential or 100% potential.

The report gives you statement by statement breakdown of responses, color coded by its corresponding NF-KPI. It provides GAP Scores that is compares the difference between the Importance Scale, Effective Scale, and Total Potential. Additionally, the report reveals the areas of strength and concern. Giving you a snapshot of where your business excels and where it is struggling.

Additional reporting can be created to breakdown the data into groups based on Gender, Tenure, Level of customer interaction, and Role – Management or Non-Management. This gives you an unprecedented level of detail and information to use for strategic planning and implementation. 

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