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Personal Development & Professional Development So you can thrive in life & work

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Are you done growing personally and professionally?

  • Do you like to feel stuck personally and professionally?
  • Have you reached your full potential?
  • Are you fully living out your talents and passions?
  • Have you reached your peak professionally?
  • Are you done achieving big goals in your life?
  • Is it time to give up on developing your strengths?

There's two kinds of people in the world. Those who surrender and give in, they don't put in the effort and there's those that say "NO" to these questions. Which one are you?

What differences can you make?

With 15 years of helping people grow personally and professionally, there’s one thing that we’ve found, some people believe they’ve reached their peak.

Our clients have a different mindset. They seek out support, accountability, and challenges to keep themselves growing. We push them to go beyond what looks like limitations and step through the chance of failure and into possibilities

Imagine if you could embrace your talents and passions, discover your core values and vision, then build a plan for continued growth and progress. What would that do for your life?

What Type Of Coaching Do You Need?

team building and coaching

Team Building

One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is creating team cohesiveness and connection. We can help. Our half-day workshops are packed with valuable information and practical exercises to help you build a better team.

executive coaching

Candidate Selction

Getting the right people in the right seats going the right direction is priceless. Unfortunately, making this happen is very difficult. We help you hire right and hire smart the first time.

personal development and growth

1 on 1 Intensive Coaching

Private and personalized coaching to help you harness your passions and talents so you can thrive in life and business. You set the goals and the agenda we help you get results.

What Some Of Our Clients Have Achieved

Lisa needed to help her Aflac team gain confidence when having conversations about sales and obtaining clients.  After our session with Lisa’s group they were able to achieve their goals. 

This workshop exceeded my expectations! It gave my team the insight they needed to have the “right” conversations with prospective business owners based on how they communicate.

Lisa Peters

Talent Seeker At Aflac

Charles needed a communication breakthrough to motivate his team. After we worked with Charles and his team, take a look at what he had to say. 

I now better understand my leadership patterns and motivations. I am able to communicate more effectively and maximize interactions so my team clearly understands our goals and is motivated and prepared to do great work.  

Charles Molencamp

Pastor, CTK Church

Kristi needed help with professional development frustrations and internal communication problems. 

Through Kyle’s coaching I have realized each member of my team communicates differently, this has drawn our team closer and allows us to communicate more clearly even when it comes to the difficult things.

Kristi Knutson

Co-Owner, GK Knutson

Justin needed a better understanding of where he was in his professional development. Justin was very impressed with the DISC assessment and debrief. He gained a baseline for how he needed to move forward in his development.

With Kyle’s coaching and the DISC assessment I was able to learn a lot about myself and my business management skills. It was also a beneficial method for my current business relationships and professional development. 

Justin Cron

Justin Cron

Owner, Salish Media Group

The People Who Love Our Coaching

coaching executive

Leaders & Entrepreneurs who need to stabilize their business, accomplish the goals they originally set, and feel more secure in their plans and future.

leadership growth

Executives who need to lead their team and organization to the next level but are feeling stuck and are losing confidence in themselves and the direction things are going.

leadership coaching and development

Business Owners & Leadership Teams that are lost and struggling to get the results they want and need from their people and processes.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

Schedule A Call

Chat with us to discuss your needs and learn how coaching can help you reach your goals.

Get A Customized Proposal

Receive personalized coaching proposal that addresses your toughest challenges.

Gain Confidence & Thrive

Begin the coaching process to get unstuck, build confidence, and live to your potential.

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