Building an extraordinary future when you're lost in the present

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Get clarity around your present so you can build an extraordinary future

You sit in your businesses with tour employees or in tour homes with tour family and struggle to get clarity around your future, you're lost in the present. Lost in your ideas, lost in your problems, lost and confused about what next step to take.

But your extraordinary future lies in your mindset. It is waiting for you inside powerful conversations filled with powerful questions. For you, the ideas, clarity, and plans that you were created to fulfill are within reach. But it requires a shift in mindset. A commitment to building an extraordinary future even when you feel lost in the present.

To get to this place, you need guidance. You need perspective. You need clarity. You need a framework to follow.

The SAGE Mindset Framework is rooted in the simple idea that small changes in mindset and habits today create massive changes for your future. These changes result in habits formed, values honored, and visions fulfilled.

The requirement to start is a step of faith. You have to step into new self-awareness, uncommon accountability, profound growth, and true empowerment of others. When you step into this framework, you can influence in ways you never have before and build a legacy that truly matters.

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Get In Balance

When we are out of balance, the future is confusing. Whether it's solving a problem that's been running around your mind for months or your business or life path is confusing, getting back in balance is the beginning of an extraordinary future.

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Shift Your Mindset

Whose opinion do you trust the most in your life? Stop for a second and think about this question... Is it your spouse? A close friend? A mentor? The answer might surprise you, it's YOUR opinion. Shift your mindset - shift your future. 


Powerful Potential

It's not that you are completely lost, it's that there is a lack of clarity in some key areas or in a key decision. But you don't have to stay in this state. My SAGE Framework will unlock powerful potential in your life and business. 

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Who I work With

I work with small business owners who are looking to build a future and legacy that truly matters. Many of my clients are successful in what they do but they desire to have more impact and influence. They have a larger vision for their future but don't know how to get there. My coaching helps them turn their vision into action. When my clients use the SAGE Mindset Framework, this simple approach unlocks powerful growth, clear direction, and extraordinary results for their lives and businesses.

How Coaching Your Business Through The SAGE Framework Helps You Transform Your Business

Understand Your "Wiring"

The SAGE Framework starts with a deep dive into understanding your "wiring". What makes you uniquely you and how knowing this can help you build an extraordinary future when sometimes we can feel so lost, stuck, or confused. 

Vision and Habits

Developing clarity around a vision for your future and building the right habits will empower the genius within you. The key is building accountability in your life to help you achieve this in your business and life at the level you were created to. 

Your Influence Your Legacy

With the SAGE Mindset Framework, my clients develop the influence they want and build a legacy that matters. This extraordinary future is unlocked when my clients apply the 4 pillars of SAGE. You don't have to stay lost, confused, or stuck. 

What Others Have Said

Simon Fountain


Content & Email Copywriter

Through Kyle’s coaching, I gained more clarity and certainty in what I want my marriage and my career to look like. Our conversations helped me learn more about myself and discover what is truly important to me and how to get it. My life has become less complicated, more purposeful, and there’s more time for activities that bring me rest.


Owner - Craggy Peak Research

I first approached Kyle about improving my skills as a manager. I had several part-time employees but no formal training on how to effectively manage them. Over the course of the sessions, though, I realized that my real problem wasn't managing my employees, it was managing myself. I own my own business, but I wasn't really in charge - I was letting myself be pushed around by everyone else's expectations, which left me stressed, overwhelmed, and drained. Kyle helped me re-structure how I approach work, which has made a dramatic difference. I'm spending more time on things that really matter, less time on things that drained me but had little benefit, and overall I feel much more in charge of my own destiny.

Taylor Rubart


Owner - Flannel Media

Here's the thing about Kyle — he knows the right questions to ask, and the right follow up questions to ask. He helps you get out of your own head, and think through solutions to problems you're facing. Thanks for all the help Kyle, you're great at what you do.

Justin Cron


Owner - Salish Media Group

Unbelievably useful and powerful. I was optimistic about the DISC method at first, but almost immediately found the value after sitting down with Kyle. Not only was I able to learn a lot about myself and my business management skills, but I was also able to see how beneficial this method is for my current business relationships.



Owner - Climb Strategies

Working with Kyle has been a wonderful addition to my coaching practice and my personal life. His knowledge, kindness, and commitment to his clients creates a powerful journey of new beginnings. I am so grateful I can now also call him, my friend.

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New Awareness New Results

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