A Personal Development Program To Help You Thrive In Life & Leadership

For more than 15 years I’ve helped business and ministry leaders live out their passions & calling.

Are you ready to thrive but are feeling stuck and struggling to find direction in your life?

Are you ready to make a change?

Simple & Powerful Program

This program changes lives because it's sole focus is you. Your agenda. Your struggles. Your progress. Your life.

Invest Wisely

When you invest in The SAGE Personal Development Program, you're making the best investment a person can make. You're investing in your own development.

My Promise

I will be with you all the way. I guarantee you will find direction in life, work, and ministry so you can live a SAGE Life.

What Some Of My Clients Have Said

As a longtime student and practitioner of leadership development and mentoring, I strongly recommend Gillette Solutions to boost your individual and team performance to the next level.

Michael Dovilla

Mike Dovilla

U.S. Navy Officer

Kyle expertly guided me through the assessments and program. The information was easy to lear and applicable immediately.

Charles Molencamp

Pastor, CTK Church

Kyle is awesome! He helped me connect so many dots and even outlined people that I would work well with. He opened up a world of possibilities!

Zach Smalley

Real Estate Agent

Living A SAGE Life Is...

What Comes With The Program?

  • Self-Awareness of strengths and limitations
  • Accountability to self and others
  • Growing in life and leadership
  • Empowering others
  • 12 one-on-one coaching sessions (1-hour each)
  • 2 powerful assessments and results debriefs
  • 10 high-impact practical exercises to guide you through the program
  • 23 page workbook to keep you on track and your work in one location
  • My program guarantee and promise

Consultation Call

Schedule a free introductory call and get to know your coach,

Schedule Your Sessions

Schedule your coaching calls and take your assessments.


Discover clear direction, purpose, and confidence for your life and future.

My Program Guarantee & Promise To You

After you complete this program, you will have the direction you need, the plan to achieve your new vision, and the confidence to make it happen! I will stick with you through the whole process to make sure this comes true because I want you to live a SAGE Life.

Self-Aware • Accountable • Growing • Empowering Others

Kyle will meet with you 6 or 10 times over the course of this program. You can complete this program in weekly or every other week increments on a set time and day. This will be determined on your intake call.

Your coaching sessions will last 1-hour and will be conducted via phone or Zoom Video. I am available to you via text and email whenever needed (within reason). Our calls will be geared toward your progress in the program but they are open to your direction and needs as the coachee (you).

Each coaching session will follow the COACH Model™ of personally Connecting with you, discovering the desired session Outcome, becoming Aware of your situation, helping you chart a Course, and then Highlighting the key parts of the conversation.

Note: The first 1-2 weeks of the program will be strictly focused on reviewing your DISC & Motivator results. 

Are you struggling to make significant progress in your life? Would you like to find your true calling, your passions, and to have amazing growth in your professional and personal life? Don’t get stuck in the old patterns and habits that leave you frustrated and not growing.

I understand, sometimes you don’t feel like putting the work in. Maybe you get scared or fear you can’t start until you have the perfect plan. Sometimes worry and anxiety gets in the way of your growth. Maybe you feel lost and confused, and don’t have clear direction for your life and leadership.

I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t have direction in life. I’ve been there before. It’s not right for you to feel this lost and confused. You should have confidence in the direction your life and leadership are going.By joining this program you will find the direction you’ve been searching for, discover and rediscover your passions, and confidently live them out.

You can choose to stay frustrated about your life and worry about what the future will hold or you can take your life and leadership into your own hands and join the SAGE Leadership Program. Join today.

When you join the SAGE Program you will…

  • Become more self-aware
  • Build amazing accountability in your life
  • Find the success that has been alluding you
  • Build the habits that will forever change the direction of your life
  • Understand your values
  • Discover what motivates you
  • Create an inspiring vision of your life
  • Have hope for your future

I’m going to repeat myself from above. After you complete this program, you will have the direction you need, the plan to achieve your new vision, and the confidence to make it happen! Don’t wait any longer, schedule your call now.

Choose Your Program Track

SAGE Starter

Program Only

  • No Personal Coaching
  • Assessment Reports
  • Limited Email Access To A Coach
  • Full SAGE Program Guide

SAGE Accelerate


  • Six Coaching Sessions
  • Assessment Results Review
  • Text Access To Your Coach
  • Full SAGE Program Guide

SAGE Engage


  • Ten Coaching Sessions
  • Assessment Results Review
  • Text Access To Your Coach
  • Full SAGE Program Guide

What are your values? Very few people get asked that question, but we are constantly living our

lives through our values. When you take the time to determine your values, you will develop a new level of self-awareness and clarity that haven’t had before.

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