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Has your leadership reached it’s full potential? Are you struggling as a leader? The best leaders in the world are the most self-aware leaders. To truly develop your leadership, you have to deeply know yourself. We help you discover the leader you are meant to be.

Have you ever looked at your business and felt stuck? Is the path for how to develop and grow your business unclear? It doesn’t have to be. With a powerful yet simple survey, we help you discover the gaps in business performance and implement strategies to shrink them. Finally, you can have true clarity on business  growth and development.

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Team building

Does team building feel like a daunting task? Have certain employees stalled in their development? As a leader, you know the importance of employee development. Our workshops take the pain out of team building and employee development. Let’s take your team to the next level.

As a longtime student and practitioner of leadership development and mentoring, I strongly recommend Gillette Solutions to boost your individual and team performance to the next level.​

Michael Dovilla

Michael Dovilla

Chief of Staff, Office of Personnel Management

Not only was I able to learn a lot about myself and my business management skills, but I was also able to see how beneficial this method is for my current business relationships and my employment hiring process.

Justin Cron

Justin Cron

Owner, Salish Media Group

Kyle is awesome and great to work with! His process, assessments, and analysis are so applicable to bettering yourself professionally and personally!

Travis Kane

Travis Kane

Advertising Sales Director, BHmedia

Kyle knows no boundaries in serving organizations, teams, and individuals right where they are, in any part of the world. Very helpful on how to relate and motivate everyone on my team, and lead them better.

Berti Berhami

Ministry Director, Cru Albania

 I would definitely recommend Gillette Solutions to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves, their employees and future hires.

Jared Lee

Jared Lee

Real Estate Professional, The Letras Group

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Transform Your Life & Leadership

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Are You Realizing Your Full Potential?

We believe there are 3 simple steps to long lasting growth and success in leadership and business.

First, we help you discover the health of your leadership and your organization. Then we work with you to develop a strategy to determine the next best steps. Finally, we provide the support and accountability so you can get to your destination. 

Our process and tools help you and your business. We provide the data and insights to help you become more aware of yourself and the health of your business. When you become the leader you were meant to be, not only will you thrive but your organization will to. To get started you can take our free DISC Leadership Assessment or schedule your meeting above.

Learn the general characteristics of your leadership. What motivates you to action. How you perceive your stress and how others perceive your stress. Plus so much more.

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