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At Gillette Solutions, my goal is to help you build an organization of thriving leaders and teams.


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The most successful and impactful leaders, teams, and organizations are self-aware, stay accountable, and are great at connecting people. I help organizations excel in all these areas by focusing on developing great leaders and great communication. 

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Did you know over 70% of employees say they are not engaged at work?  Additionally, 75% of people who quit say they are quitting their boss not their job.  Scary statistics. Costly for your organization. Our DISC based Team Building series provides a powerful opportunity for your team to reengage and improve.

When we work together, you will get greater clarity on where you are in leadership and business, where you want to go, and we’ll build a strategy to get you there. I will support the calling, gifting, and unique potential that you have been given. I’m your personal advocate so you can become the leader you were meant to be.

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When you hire the wrong person, it can cost you upwards of 30-50k in rehiring and training costs. Our pre-hire assessments help you to hire smart and to hire once. We can accurately identify your job applicant’s behavioral tendencies and motives BEFORE you offer an interview. Start saving $1000s on hiring and training today.

What Some Of Our Clients Have Said

As a longtime student and practitioner of leadership development and mentoring, I strongly recommend Gillette Solutions to boost your individual and team performance to the next level.​

Michael Dovilla

Michael Dovilla

Chief of Staff, Office of Personnel Management

Not only was I able to learn a lot about myself and my business management skills, but I was also able to see how beneficial this method is for my current business relationships and my employment hiring process.

Justin Cron

Justin Cron

Owner, Salish Media Group

Kyle is awesome and great to work with! His process, assessments, and analysis are so applicable to bettering yourself professionally and personally!

Travis Kane

Travis Kane

Advertising Sales Director, BHmedia

Kyle knows no boundaries in serving organizations, teams, and individuals right where they are, in any part of the world. Very helpful on how to relate and motivate everyone on my team, and lead them better.

Berti Berhami

Ministry Director, Cru Albania

 I would definitely recommend Gillette Solutions to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves, their employees and future hires.

Jared Lee

Jared Lee

Real Estate Professional, The Letras Group

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A Proven Process To Develop Thriving Leaders

To get the right people in the right seats going the right direction requires dedication and a proven process. 
There are many leadership programs out there, but the problem is leadership development doesn’t work in a classroom or over a long weekend.
We know you’re not interested in throwing money at conferences, seminars, and summits that aren’t effective. 
 You should be getting measurable results from the investment you make in leadership development. We use a simple and powerful three-part strategy to get you the results you need.
  • Leadership coaching for one-on-one growth.
  • Team building workshops to improve communication and effectiveness.
  • And pre-hire assessment process to ensure you only hire A+ employees.

Your greatest asset as a leader is how self-aware you are. When only 19% of organizations say they are “very effective” at developing leaders you have to take your leadership development into your own hands.

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