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Professional Coaching To Help you Declutter Your Life And Mind So You Can Take Control Of Your Time, Talent, & Treasure

We work with business owners, entrepreneurs, and millennial leaders to help them discover their passions, talents, and limitations so that they can achieve the greatest results possible!

who are you?


Business Owners

I work with business owners to help them build a more connected, empowered, and productive workforce. Do you know how to utilize the strengths of your leaders? Would you like to improve communication across the board? Are you swimming in tasks and putting out fires instead of leading your organization forward?



Are you running a one-person operation? If so, would you like the support and accountability of a coach to help you move your business forward? From marketing to organizing your day most effectively, I help you get clarity in your life and mind so you can get the best results in the fastest time possible.


Millennial Leaders

Are you tired of the way people speak of how millennials lead and work? Are you someone that breaks the mold and is ready to lead like you were meant to lead? If so, I want to help you embrace your passions and talents so you can lead your team and organization to the next level and leave all the doubters behind.

Step 3: how can coaching help you?

Kyle Gillette
  • Established Business Owners

    Is your business growing but you and your team are struggling to prioritize the work and feeling overwhelmed? Would you like to create some stability and calm the chaos of your workday?

  • Soloprepreneurs

    Are you struggling to get your business into the black and keep it there? Is your cashflow poor because you can't figure out who your "ideal client" is? Does thinking about marketing keep you up at night?

  • Millennial Leaders

    Are you struggling to discover how to utilize your passions and talents? Do you have a skill set that is earning you a decent income but you know you could earn more? Has a life transition hurt your confidence or confused you about your calling?

Hi, I'm Kyle Gillette. Owner of Gillette Solutions, an executive coach, and life coach. I've been coaching small business owners, millennials, and solopreneurs for over 15 years. I'm a certified professional coach by the John Maxwell Team and a certified COACH Model practitioner. I've worked with over 400 clients to help them better understand their talents and passions to accelerate their lives and results.

In addition to coaching certifications, I am a behavioral analyst with DISC and Motivators certifications. I'm also the author of LifeMap - Building a Future When Your Lost In The Present and the creator of the SAGE Mindset System. Most importantly I'm a believer in Jesus Christ, a husband to my beautiful wife, and a father of 3 beautiful little girls.

Let's get on the phone and chat about your situation. Click the link below to schedule your time.  


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Discover your personal values

The 7 Step Guide To Discovering Your Personal Values

Step 4: Remove The Clutter and Get The results you need So You can fulfill your calling

Coaching is like mining for gold. Every question I ask, every angle we look at is chipping away at the mine. We’re digging, searching, and seeking out the gold in your mine.

These precious nuggets will give you richness in your life that you haven’t experienced before or have struggled to find. They will give you success that you've been striving for for so long. These insights will give you clarity of life and mind so you can fulfill that calling that's tugging on your heart calling you to more.

But sometimes mining for gold can be messy, painful, and dangerous. The rewards are worth it!

The beauty of working with a coach is you are guaranteed to find gold. Every mine (mind) is full of gold we just have to start digging together to find it.

Let's get through the busy-ness, the distractions, and self-doubts. When you do this, your mind is free to work on what really matters. You are free fulfill your mission and calling. Let's start the conversation.

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take the personal values challenge

Complete the free personal values mini video and workbook lesson through our SAGE program.


Schedule A Call

Chat with us to review your results and discuss how coaching can help you reach your goals.


Get A Proposal

Receive personalized coaching proposal that addresses your toughest challenges.


Achieve The ResultS You Want Now

Get clarity in your life and mind so you can get better results and faster.

What Some Of Our Clients Have Achieved


Talent Seeker At Aflac

This workshop exceeded my expectations! It gave my team the insight they needed to have the “right” conversations with prospective business owners based on how they communicate.



Youth Pastor - Christ The King Church

Kyle was able to provide insight and coaching to me and my team. We are a stronger, more cohesive, and overall better team because of Gillette Solutions ability to help us improve as individuals and team members.

Jeffery Hill testimony


Account Manager - Oasys

Kyle is a fantastic presenter and a very effective coach. He made learning fun and applicable and gave us some great tools to help us communicate more effectively with different personality types in the workplace and life.



Cru Albania Director

Gillette Solutions knows no boundaries in serving organizations, teams, and individuals right where they are, in any part of the world. My whole experience was great, even though Kyle and I live in a 9 hour time difference.

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