We Provide Small Business Owners A Data-Driven
Snapshot Of Their Company Culture

We provide the data, tools and training needed to strengthen
your company culture and grow your business.

what we provide

Simple Solutions For Your Business

The Mission

Our mission is to help you build a more connected, empowered, and productive workforce.

The Tools

Growing your business starts with your people and your culture. From our company culture survey to our leadership 360s, our tools give you actionable data to grow your business.

The Benefits

When you partner with Gillette Solutions, you get data-driven insights and solutions to improve company culture, leadership, communication, and employee performance.

if your answer is no to any of these questions, we can help

  • Are your customers getting the best from your business?
  • Are your systems and processes maximizing results?
  • Does your selection process result in great hires?
  • Is your leadership team functioning as it should be?
  • We provide the data you need to answer these questions.
  • We work with you to develop high-impact solutions.
  • Contact us to learn how.


Our culture survey assessment analyzes company-wide performance across 5 core KPIs. Discover the gaps in your company's performance.

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We provide DISC based team building workshops. Our courses are designed to build team cohesiveness, improve relationships, and to have fun.

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Whether you're stuck or are on fire and ready to move to the next level, our coaching helps you break through self-limitations and grow.

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Our pre-hire assessments and selection process help you confidently make hiring decisions and know who and what you are getting.

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The ultimate leadership review. Our Leadership 360º provides the behavioral insights to help leaders make high-impact changes.

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We use human performance data from your industry and your employees to benchmark both high and low performers in your workplace.

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Kyle expertly guiding my team through a group training session. The content he taught was engaging, informative, and fun.  It also enhanced each team members ability to resolve conflicts with each other quickly and in a productive way. My team and I are looking forward to our next session!

Charles M.

Pastor, Christ The King Church

This is an excellent process that offers significant benefits for both the organization and the applicants.

Mike M.

Sales & Marketing, Anvil Corp

Gillette Solutions was able to provide insight and coaching to me and my team. We are a stronger, more cohesive, and overall better team because of Gillette Solutions ability to help us improve as individuals and team members.

Chandler C.

Student Pastor, CTK

Kyle was able to help me better understand myself and see how my values truly shape my life.

Kelley G.

Owner, Summit Farms, Inc.

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