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I help teams that are struggling to work well together

Gillette Solutions Team Building Series

Anyone who tells you leading a team isn’t demanding and stressful has never led employees who constantly need their hand held, whose lack of productivity is infuriating, or are conversation hogs in staff meetings.

So, you’re probably wondering how to extract the best from your team AND become the great team leader you were meant to be? Two words – Team Building! 

So when is the right time to start your team building series? 

My answer would be, “When is the right time for a big improvement in your team’s performance?”

Consider this – after our workshops, you’ll have a more effective, empowered, and productive team. 

Which ultimately means improved business results AND no more hand-holding, no more frustrating meetings, and no more constant miscommunication!

We are a stronger, more cohesive, and overall better team because of Gillette Solutions.

Gillette Solutions was able to provide insight and coaching to me and my team. We are a stronger, more cohesive, and overall better team because of Gillette Solutions ability to help us improve as individuals and team members.
Chandler Corzine

Powerful DISC Based Team Building workshops

Now your employees can experience fun and interactive training to help you build more cohesive and effective teams. With DISC as the foundation of our courses, the content is simple to understand and fun to learn. My experience teaching these workshops and providing valuable content provides you and your team with the insights and tools needed to empower your team, improve communication, and experience a powerful boost in productivity.

The 3-Part Team Building Series

Making Teams Work

We start the series with a fun half-day workshop designed to build team cohesiveness, improve relationships, and establish a new communication framework for your team.

Self-Awareness In Communication

In part two of the team building series, this half-day workshop is designed to improve interpersonal communication, build on one’s understanding of adaptability and connecting with others. 


DISC Behaviors and Motives Workshop

In the third part of the series, this half-day workshop helps all team members recognize specific behavioral traits and motives in their teammates. This workshop provides the deep insights into coworkers’ behaviors and motives that you won’t find in any other context. 

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