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Take the pain our of Team Building

Does your team need to take the leap to the next level? Is your team operating on all cylinders?

Training your employees to be more productive and efficient is difficult. You don’t have a lot of time to set aside for developing a training program, creating the powerpoint, and getting the materials together on top of all your current work!

But there is a way to train your team where you don’t have to worry about all the details.

Let Gillette Solutions help. We make team building easy. Our fun and interactive workshops help you to build the best team you’ve ever had.

We are a stronger, more cohesive, and overall better team because of Gillette Solutions.

Gillette Solutions was able to provide insight and coaching to me and my team. We are a stronger, more cohesive, and overall better team because of Gillette Solutions ability to help us improve as individuals and team members.
Chandler Corzine

Powerful DISC Based Team Building workshops

We provide fun and interactive training to help you build more cohesive and effective teams. We use DISC as the foundation of our courses. Ensuring the content is simple to understand and fun to learn.

Making Teams Work

This half-day workshop is designed to build team cohesiveness, improve relationships, and have fun.

Self-Awareness In Communication

This half-day or full day workshop is designed to improve interpersonal communication, build on one’s understanding of adaptability and connecting with others. 

DISC Behaviors and Motives Workshop

This half-day workshop helps leaders recognize the behavioral traits in their direct reports. Identify ways to adapt to their employees and to more deeply connect with their employees. 

Interested In Our Team Building Workshops?

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