He leaned back against the side wall of the court completely exhausted. The racquet felt heavy in his hands, he missed shots, and couldn’t get his serve down. It was the same each time he played someone better. He felt defeated. He’d literally hit the wall

That evening he contemplated the sport. Racquetball was supposed to be fun. It had been. Now playing those at his level didn’t carry the same enjoyment it did when he started. Matches against those better would offer the challenge craved and re-ignite the passion he felt in the beginning. Only the skills were not there. 

Fun turned to frustration. He didn’t want to quit. He loved the game, but knew he needed help to reignite his passion.


This pattern is mirrored in our professional lives.

We start on a career path, launch a business, or lead a team. We have goals and ideas. Our passion drives us. It motivates us. At some point, we hit a plateau. That passion now dulled by a lack of progress, growth, upward movement. The daily challenges start to wear on us. We’re left stuck. We lose clarity.

Getting past this point requires help.

Are you ready to get back on the court and take control of the game?

strategic review

The Strategic Review

Your self-awareness and personality are the keys to unlocking your potential in life and in business. The Strategic Review is a 90-minute deep dive into your personality, thinking patterns, and specific gifting. You’ll walk away from this conversation with a new awareness of your potential and steps to help you get there.

Key focus areas:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Unique Gifting
Productivity icon

The 30-Day Refocus

The 30-Day Refocus is a month-long coaching program designed to help you refocus, develop a plan, and get traction again. There are many ways clients have refocused their life through this coaching package.

You can utilize this program to:

  • Establish new goals and create plans to achieve them
  • Determine your personal values
  • Overcome a nagging workplace problem
  • Break old habits and create new ones
  • Complete a productivity review
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