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4 Simple Steps To A Better Selection Process

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Make Your Hiring Decision

We review the assessments with you and provide input to help you make a hiring decision.

How The Employee Assessment Process Works

  • Qualify Resumes

Start by selecting the applicants’ resumes who have the necessary “measurable” job requirements, such as: experience, education, training, technical expertise, references.

  • Screening Assessment

Email the Workplace Strengths assessment to qualified applicants.  This assessment quickly and inexpensively provides answers to general performance related questions.

  • Phone SCREEN

Next, schedule a short phone or video interview with applicants who advance from the screening assessment. Applicants who successfully complete this step advance to the selection assessment phase.

  • Selection Assessment

This smaller pool of applicants is ready to take our comprehensive pre-hire assessment called the Executive Summary. This assessment will provide you the final decision criteria based on concrete, multi-faceted data.

  • In-Person Interview

By this phase, you will have eliminated many applicants. Additionally, the screening assessments and interview empowers you to enter each interview with a well formulated set of questions tailored to the applicant.

  • Selection Decision

At this point, we collaborate with you to debrief the assessments and provide candid input on the applicants. Now confidently make your selection decision knowing exactly who and what you’ll be getting.

Get the data you need to remove the guesswork and
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