Values aren’t just words, they are life changing and life giving bits of defined truth in your life.

These little words, once identified, can stick to your heart and truly allow life change to start. Establishing your values and ridding yourself of the crap that sticks to your heart that is untrue is an opening to a thriving life.

Values Are Your Roots

Imagine a tall oak tree with me. Big broad leaves, a strong healthy trunk, and big think branches. This tree can withstand just about anything. When we establish healthy values, these values allow us to be strong and healthy, and to withstand the storms of life.

There are different kinds of roots. Strong, healthy and nurturing roots and then the scraggly and unhealthy roots. With our values we can have values that are true to our hearts and healthy or we can continue to live off the lies and deceitful words that have been put their by life and our own view of ourselves.

Fortunately, we can rip out the bad roots and grow healthy new ones when we establish values in our life. When this happens, our values serve as strong roots to amazing growth and success personally and professionally.

To be sure, the work of creating a set of 5-7 values in your life is difficult but worth it. Here are several reasons why. At the end of the article, I’ll give you a tool on how to create your values.

Values Help You Make Big Decisions

What if you knew that you had within you the answer to why you struggle to make decisions? Or why you struggle to commit to those decisions? What if the same thing inside of can help you stop second-guessing yourself.

In 2016 I was introduced to the DISC Assessment tool and it would change my life. I began to use the tool as an HR director at the church I was working for.

After getting certified in the tool and walking about 100 people through assessment results, I realized this was the path I wanted to take for my career. The coaching, growth, self-improvement, and curiosity of it all perfectly fit.

Ultimately, it was an easy decision to leave the comfortable job and step into the unknown of entrepreneurship. Why? Personality assessments fit my values perfectly.

This big decision ticked several values boxes and made it easy to move forward. To name a few, it crossed off the self-awareness box, curiosity box, and growth boxes. It was a no-brainer.

I think the same can be true for you.

Values Help You Get Unstuck

Fear handcuffs us to our situation or cements our feet to the ground, your values provide the key or jackhammer to get free! Your values get you unstuck and give you permission to break free from false beliefs and attitudes.

Think about the last time you were stuck and couldn’t move forward.

What was holding you there? For many, it’s not understanding their values and believing the lies they been told or have been telling themselves about who they are. This turns into fear and inaction. It freezes us.

Now, imagine having the confidence to lean into and overcome the fears and thaw the ice on your decisions. That’s what values do for you.

If you don’t establish values in your life things get more challenging and once that cement sets up, it’s hard to break free.

Values Open Up Opportunities

Do you remember a few summers ago when there was the total solar eclipse? I know I do. And it’s because of my values that I will always remember that summer trip.

You see, a buddy of mine invited me to head to Idaho for several days for hanging out with friends and to view the solar eclipse. Island Park, Idaho, was in the path of totality and we were going to have over 30 seconds of total eclipse!! Amazing!

There were a lot of things that had to work out for that trip to happen. A car, time off work, we had to figure out the kids schedule, my wife’s schedule, and I had to drive the farthest I’d ever driven.

The decision to go was easy. It fit my values and this helped me make it happen despite the list of obstacles in the way.

The trip ticked a couple of values boxes for me, primarily curiosity and consistency. Curiosity is obvious and the consistency is related to the friendships I have with two of the guys on the trip.

We’ve been out of college and living far away from one another for several years now and always find time to hang out, that made the decision easy.

What adventures will your values take you on?

How Do You Figure Out Your Values?

You’re probably wondering by now, how do I figure out my values? Thanks for asking. As I said before, it’s not an easy process but it’s worth it. I want to share a PDF with you to help you determine your values.

The PDF gives you a 7 step process to help you determine your values and a way to evaluate how you are living them out in your life.

This process gives you the roots you need to make decisions confidently and consistently in your life. No more wondering or hesitation, no more what if’s or should have’s. The doubt fades and life change starts when you let your values stick to your heart.

Think of it like this. Imagine a big velcro heart. On that heart are words that you believe about yourself. Some are lies you’ve believed over time, others are words that are true to your identity.

Now imagine ripping off the false words and lies you’ve heard about who you are and what you stand for and replacing them with words that truly fit your heart.

As you read this, you’re at a decision crossroads. You can either continue to believe the words that are lies, stay cemented and handcuffed to taking action or you can embrace your values and experience the life change that happens when you do.

It’s your choice. Download the PDF to get started.

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