The 7 Step Guide To Discovering Your Personal Values

For life change to start, let your values stick to your heart. That’s the mantra I love to use to help me stick with the values I’ve decided on in my life. 

“Words have set whole nations in motion and upheaved the dry, hard ground on which rests our social fabric. Give me the right word and the right accent, and I will move the world.” – Joseph Conrad

I’m convinced that words are the most powerful force in the world — more than earthquakes, more than nuclear bombs, more than hurricanes.

An entire group of people didn’t have the same rights to vote, buy a house, or even drink out of a drinking fountain just because of their skin color. Words helped change that.

Words inspired an entire nation of German people to commit unimaginable atrocities.

Words can be used for incredible good and unthinkable evil. Words shape and guide our lives.

The words we tell ourselves can inspire us to achieve, or convince us we’re worthless.

Whoever claimed that sticks and stones will break their bones, but words won’t hurt them was living in a fantasy world.

So, what are the words you live by? Have you ever given consideration to the words that guide your life? Said another way —
what are your values?

To learn more about how to discover your values, you can download the Personal Values PDF by clicking the link below. The PDF includes a 7-step guide to determining your values and two powerful tools to help you get them to stick to your heart and mind.

Check it out.

7-Step Personal Values Guide


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