This year I laid out several goals to accomplish and found amazing power in these 3 simple ways to help me accomplish my goals.

When this year is over I will be able to say I accomplished 5 of my 6 major goals! I’m excited to see what will happen next year. How about you?

With the year wrapping up, do you look forward to setting goals for next year or do you think it’s a waste of time?

I’ve found the problem for many people is they don’t write out their goals or even follow through to accomplish their goals. Many people get discouraged and end up giving up after a short time.

When you implement these ideas they will result in a fundamental change in how you look approach your goals. In order to achieve our goals, we have to have a relationship with them. Below I give you 3 simple ideas to help you accomplish your goals before the year ends!

Write Down Your Goals

Write your goals on 3×5 cards. On the front, write your goal and on the back answer the following questions:

  • What makes this goal important to you?
  • What would achieving this goal do for you?
  • What will it do for others?
  • How will you celebrate accomplishing this goal?

Now create a copy of each of your goals. Put one of the 3×5 cards on a wall, cork board, or fridge, wherever you will consistently see them. Every time you look at the card either write down the next step to take (so you can do it later) or take your next step.

With the second card, keep it in your pocket. I’m serious. Every time you reach your hand in there, pull one out and review it. This helps you develop the relationship you need with it.

Work On Your Goals Every Day

Jerry Seinfeld talks about writing a joke a day to help him continue to create good content. I’m sure every joke he writes isn’t funny, but doing this daily will ultimately create great content.

What can you do daily to accomplish your goals? Besides entering action steps into my to do list every day, I do a weekly review of the progress I’ve made. Additionally, you can do a weekly MOLO (More Of – Less Of review). Learn how to implement a MOLO in the video below.


Find Someone To Keep You Accountable

Partner with someone or multiple people to accomplish your goals. When we bring other people into our goals it creates a higher level of accountability and a higher rate of success. Your own Personal Advisory Board (learn how to create one in my podcast.) will improve your success.

When we step out and tell others what we intend to accomplish, it puts more weight to it. We have to “live up” to what we said. For many, this is enough to push them to accomplish their goals.

If you are a competitive person, this approach may work particularly well for you. Even if you don’t have the same goal as someone else, you can compete on the deadline or daily effort.

At a minimum, having a check-in on the phone or over coffee is a great way to keep you motivated and will likely turn into some collaboration on the goals as well – idea sharing, encouragement, etc.

Start Now & Don’t Stop

Many of our goals need to be treated like a riverbank that can be eroded by the constant flow of water against it. Your goals need a constant flow of tasks and attention to accomplish them.

No matter how you tackle your goals you must keep them in front of you daily. Find a way to do this that works for you: use a calendar (digital or analog), put your goals on the bathroom mirror, use a to-do application, or tape it to your steering wheel!

Whatever it takes to keep your goals visible and in front of you to remind you to work on them. In every case, do something related to your goal(s) daily and don’t stop…

If you’d like to discuss setting goals and being confident about accomplishing them, you can schedule a free discovery call with me. We’ll chat for about 30-minutes to review your situation and get you started on setting a goal that you will accomplish this year!

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