The SAGE Operating System

Business and leadership coaching designed to help you improve personally and professionally. 


I have a theory that all great leaders have a SAGE Mindset. That is, they are Self-Aware, have a cadence of Accountability in their lives, and have a Growth and Empowerment mindset for both themselves and their business.

The SAGE Operating System or SAGE OS helps high-performing leaders like yourself uplevel their personal and professional lives with a proven system that gets measurable results for you in 90-days or less.

Person swinging from a tree - Sage Mindset question Where am I?

Step 1 - Build A Plan

We dive deep into your Operating Systems for your business and for your leadership. We establish key goals for your business and key behaviors for your development then begin tracking the progress made.

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Step 2 - Coaching To Make The Plan Happen

We begin to extract the thoughts and ideas you didn't know were there for your business and development. Help you get out of your own way. Kick you in the butt and build momentum.  

the strategic review

Step 3 - Measure and Adjust

We evaluate, measure, and adjust the SOPs for your business and the key habits you need to have to uplevel your leadership. Implement these changes and continue to build clarity and confidence around your business and leadership future.

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SAGE OS Program Benefits

  • More success with the things you're already doing.
  • Clarity and certainty about your business and leadership future.
  • Ongoing coaching support and accountability to keep your momentum.
  • Extracting the brilliant thoughts out of your mind that you didn't know were there.
  • Organize your business operating procedures.
  • Clear and strategic plan for ways to uplevel your leadership.
  • A new frame of mind for your business - not being stuck in your own head.
  • Breakthrough the limit of where you're business can go.

The SAGE Program In Action

  • How SAGE OS Works
  • 90-day program with 60-minute scheduled coaching calls every other week.
  • Unlimited 15-minute interim coaching calls, follow-up emails, and texts.
  • A SAGE OS dashboard for business goals and professional development goals. This dashboard serves as your proof of progress.

What to Expect From Me

  • Honesty: To be honest with you about what I observe and call you on your BS.
  • Commitment: 200% expectation–100% commitment from me and 100% from you.
  • Curiosity: To provide powerful questions and deep listening.
  • Belief: Belief in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself.
  • Challenges: To challenge you in your behaviors, thinking patterns, and perspectives.

What I Expect From You

In order for our work together to be successful so that you grow your income and increase your time freedom, it will be your responsibility to:

  • Be Present: To be available and 100% present as we coach.
  • Be Enthusiastic: To be enthusiastic and committed to doing the work.
  • Be Willing: To be open and willing to see a different version of yourself and your future.
  • Be Expectant: Expect growth and powerful insights.
  • Be Honest: To be real with yourself in the good and the bad.

How To Get Started

We never expect someone to sign up to change their life and business after reading a website page. We expect you to have questions and ideas you'd like to share. That's exactly what we want!

This is why we always start our client relationships with a FREE coaching call to determine if this program is a fit (for both of us). After you experience a POWERFUL coaching call with us, then we will talk about you joining the program.

Gain Another 5 Hours Per Week!

Increase Your Time Freedom and Business Profits, Without Hiring Anyone, Cutting Out Key Tasks, or Spending Any Money.

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