Sometimes weird experiences can open our eyes to new realizations.

I remember a few summers ago, I opened the glass slider that leads to our back yard to preheat the BBQ for some chicken. I pulled the cover off, turned on the propane, and turned the burners to get the fire going. As I turned to go inside and grab the plate of chicken, I decided to double-check there was nothing on the grill.

When I checked, I couldn’t believe what I saw!


When I opened the grill, I found a hot and anxious rat frantically trying to escape. He bolted over the edge of the grill and down to the ground where he hid under the cover of the BBQ.Click To Tweet


To make sure I wasn’t crazy, I lifted the BBQ cover and there he was. Obviously scared, he ran toward the edge of the house and under some bushes, never to be seen again. Fortunately, I checked before the BBQ got too hot and cooked the rat! 

I turned off the grill and when I looked inside again, I noticed the rat had built a nest and had hijacked my BBQ. He was taking over. As a result, I didn’t grill for months and ended up buying a new one!

After this experience, I started thinking about the habits, ideas, or people that I may be neglecting and could be getting hijacked.


Don’t Let Your Habits Get Hijacked

With habits, like BBQs we neglect to care for and use, even for a week or two, we discover something else has taken the place of our healthy ones.

Sometimes a broken habit can set us back for a little while, as it takes some effort to get back on track. Other times, we let bad habits creep in and stop us or completely replace our good habits.

When we allow this to happen in our lives, we are missing out on great opportunities for growth and learning. I’ll never forget that experience and it will always serve as a reminder to take care of the important habits in my life!


Take a few minutes to ponder:

  • What good habits have been hijacked in your life and slowed your growth?
  • What are the “rats” that have hijacked your good habits?
  • What do you need to do to start again?

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