The SAGE Mindset Course

A coaching program to help you break through the clouds and clutter so you can focus on the wildly important - YOU.

The SAGE Mindset

Dive deeper into your "why", uncover good and bad habits, get to the "who" that can help you move forward, and the "what" of actions you need to take to get you there.

This 10-week course complete with videos, assignments, and one-to-one coaching calls will walk you through the process of getting there by focusing on 3 powerful questions:

Person swinging from a tree - Sage Mindset question Where am I?

Where am I?

Critically look at your behaviors, habits, and life to determine where you are in the critical areas of life.

Forest icon - Sage Mindset course question Where do I want to go?

Where do I want to go?

Using the power of knowing your values and vision set a destination that is on purpose and mission for you.

the strategic review

How am I going to get there?

In this step, you establish the habits, accountability, and goals to take you on your journey to a SAGE Mindset and Life.

SAGE Diagram2

How much time is required?

  • The course is 3 months long, dripped via email to prevent being overwhelmed.
  • 30-90 minutes per week to watch and complete the assignments.
  • A weekly 60-minute group coaching call or one-on-one call depending on the option you choose.

What are the core steps?

  • A personality assessment to look at behaviors and thinking patterns.
  • A life satisfaction lesson to establish a baseline.
  • A personal value determination & vision statement.

How are these accomplished?

  • A weekly review of how things are going.
  • Discovering habits and triggers (cues).
  • Establishing a pattern of accountability.
  • How to use their values, habits, vision, etc. to empower others.
  • Creating 1 & 5-year plans providing structure and goals for the future.

Break free from the clutter in your life and mind

Discover the power of harnessing habits, accountability and a new awareness that will shift your mindset and life.

Begin your journey toward a SAGE life with the $597 SAGE Mindset course.

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