What Do You Need To Take A Break From? – Even If It’s Only For A Day

A couple of weekends ago we were able to have our kids spend the night at Kari’s parent’s house. We went to a party that night and didn’t want to be rushed to get home for a babysitter.  After the party, we came home to a quiet, empty home. If you have kids, you know how strange it is to have quiet and empty.

The break from our kids was great for us and for our kids. The next morning was very relaxing. We were able to have an uninterrupted breakfast and enjoy a conversation. After breakfast, we drove off to church. It was strange to not have the kids. So much easier. You just hop out of the car and walk-in. No fussing with bags, car seats, or kids.

After church, we picked up the kids from Kari’s parent’s house. Something stood out to me through all this. For us to take a break from our kids was really healthy.

What Do You Need To Take A Break From?

You may or may not be a parent, but we all need a break. The refreshing experience of a relaxing evening and morning were great for Kari and me. What do you need a break from?

Our break was from the noise and the busy-ness that is most evenings and mornings. They aren’t chaotic, but they are busy and that can be tiring and difficult.

Each of us should take a break from time to time. Whether it’s from the kids, our job or something else, breaks are necessary. After reading the question did something immediately come to mind that you need a break from?

Take 30-seconds to close your eyes and reflect on what you need a break from…

Did you do it? It’s just 30-seconds. The challenge is to come up with a simple way to take your break. The benefits of uninterrupted conversation, sleeping in, a lazy morning, and time with just the two of us was great for us. Our break was really encouraging and refreshing. It’s worth it to come up with a plan to get away, if only for a day or an evening.

Let me know what you need to take a break from and how you plan to do it.


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