I recently paid for a significant upgrade in our internet speed. We currently have 70 megabits per second and I paid for an upgrade to 200 Mbps. We don’t even need 70, but the upgrade included 10 channels of streaming TV. Since Kari loves the Olympics and they are right around the corner, I went for it.

It’s not about the speed. We don’t need it. It’s the fact that I paid for something and I am not getting what I paid for.

The problem is this upgrade has been a pain. I’ve had to call in to support, chat with support twice, and have a technician come out twice.

It’s The Principle of the Thing

It’s the simple principle of a business delivering on their promises. This business is not. Here’s the question for you. Are you making sure to deliver on your promises as a business? Even when it seems the product or service is “unnecessary” or maybe it’s an “extra”.

No matter the case, it’s a promise that needs to be fully executed.

I hope that Xfinity can get this thing figured out because this has been a waste of my time.

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