Leadership Scorecard

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  • The SAGE Leadership Scorecard

    This SAGE Leadership Scorecard is designed to help you think deeply about your leadership style, effectiveness, limitations, and strengths.

    By taking this assessment, you will get powerful insights into what may be holding you or your team back from even great success and profit. Additionally, you will discover where you excel and how to lean into these leadership traits.

    A Note About The Assessment
    At the end of the assessment, you will have an opportunity to review the results on a call and create specific actions to implement your new learnings.
  • Scorecard Instructions

    Before you dive into this assessment, take some time to reflect on your leadership and take an honest look at your skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

    The items on this form focus on the things you need to be, do, and have to be an effective leader. Improving in any of these areas will have a positive impact on your leadership.

    Good luck!

SAGE Leadership Assessment

Get insights on your leadership behaviors, strengths, and gaps in this powerful assessment.

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