What do you do when you lose 90% of your ability to see? You focus your vision and accomplish amazing things for the world and for God. This is the journey of my guest, Amber Keira. She has embarked on a mission to help people with disability get the support they deserve and the opportunity to SERVE at their local churches. 

Amber is educating 100s of people on how to serve this woefully underserved population in the church. Amber’s enthusiasm and excitement for this VISION God has given to her is contagious and 100s have caught on a joined. 

Learn about what she is doing and how you can be a part of this movement. PLUS, Amber shares some powerful wisdom on narrowing your focus and being purposeful with your mindset and goals. Don’t miss this wisdom-packed episode! 

Amber’s Story

Amber Kierra lost 90% of her eyesight growing up and has learned to use courage to overcome fear and navigate obstacles of any kind. She believes in a world where we are not held back by our circumstances rather we live our lives rooted in purpose with boldness and courage. This belief has instilled an immense drive to empower others to take the next step in making their wildest dreams come true. She is the Founder & CEO of a ministry called Kingdom Eyes, professional speaker, and skilled life coach. She is truly committed to transforming leaders into bold world changers.

You can connect with Amber by visiting https://www.amberkierra.com/


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