The SAGE Leadership Framework

Business and leadership coaching designed to help break through toxic mindsets and build the habits that will unlock exponential growth. 

What Is A SAGE Mindset?

I have a theory that all great leaders have a SAGE Mindset. That is, they are Self-Aware, have a cadence of Accountability in their lives, and have a Growth and Empowerment mindset for both themselves and their business.

Person swinging from a tree - Sage Mindset question Where am I?

What level of leadership exists now?

Discover behavior, habits, and skills gaps. Overcome inexperience and mindset limitations. Leverage leader skills now and quickly build on them.

Forest icon - Sage Mindset course question Where do I want to go?

How much growth do you want?

Leaders will build habits and skills to be more effective and get clarity around leadership gaps. Unlock the potential of leaders in the organization. Discover hidden talents, strengths, and skills of current leaders.

the strategic review

Achieve more with current leaders

Watch leaders become more effective and influential. Expect massive results for the organization. Experience the power of ongoing habits that lead to more growth and more results.

SAGE Mindset graphic

Master leadership skills

  • All organizations want the best leaders but many don't take the time to develop the ones they have. This program helps current leaders become more effective and impactful for their teams and organizations.
  • We help emerging leaders get clarity of direction and build habits to stay on track, massive results follow.

What is the SAGE Leadership Program?

  • We work with leaders to help them utilize their talents, limitations (yes, limitations), and strengths so they can confidently lead a team or business.
  • We show leaders how to create the support and accountability they need to maintain their growth and development to the benefit of the team and organization.
  • Our program helps leaders develop systems, habits, and a growth mindset so they can take control of their time and get more and more from themselves and their team.
  • Our program helps leaders empower to use the talents and creativity of their team to get better results.
  • The SAGE Leadership Program helps leaders get the clarity, structure, and momentum they need to achieve the outcomes (and much more) that their role requires.

How the program works

  • Every leader is unique and therefore leads uniquely. Because of this the first part of the program is a deep dive into the personality of the leader. We help leaders confidently embrace their talents, strengths, and limitations.
  • The program helps leaders discover the driving forces behind their behaviors and mindsets. This process helps leaders breaks down the toxic thinking patterns that hinder effective leadership and decrease effectiveness.
  • We work leaders on internal communication and interpersonal communication. They learn skills needed to improve communication, confidence, and behavioral patterns. These methods are based on scientifically validated methods and years of success.
  • The SAGE Leadership Program builds structure around the skills need to grow and develop great leaders. Then we help them maintain the momentum to continue this growth and development.
  • When leaders apply the tools and methods we present and coach through, there's no limit to the impact they can have on their team and the bottom-line.

Start The SAGE Leadership Program Today

Discover how leaders with a SAGE Mindset bring massive results to businesses. Schedule a call to learn how we can bring the SAGE Leadership Program to your organization. 

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