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Discover how to manage your time, be more productive, and reduce stress so you can enjoy your work and life more. 

Is There Really Enough Time in The DAy?

  • Did you know you can enjoy your life and work more just by applying a few of our techniques to your routine?

  • Do you ever wonder why there's too much work left at the end of the day and you feel overwhelmed?

  • Do you wish you could make a copy of yourself so they could do the work and you could go on vacation?

Using The GS-6 Productivity System Is The secret

When there's too much work at the end of the day and you are feeling overwhelmed, you're not the only one. We've been there too. The problem is your inbox is full, there are too many texts to respond to, your task list is overwhelming, and meetings never stop.

All these things are pulling you in different directions, distracting you. You spend so much time in the work and putting out fires that you are losing so much time and not using a system that will truly work for you!

leadership development

You could try and ignore the stress and overwhelm

  • Work/life balance will continue to eat at enjoying your life and what you do.

  • Your current path will stress you to the point of frustration and burn out.

  • You will expereince limited personal and professional growth and development.

Here's What You Learn From The GS-6 Productivity System

  • The 5C's Of Productivity

  • The Power Of The Task Dump

  • How To Implement Block Scheduling

  • The 2-Minute Task Rule

  • The Importance Of A Unified Calendar

  • How To Get To Inbox Zero

You Don't Have To Stay Overwhelmed And Stressed

The big question on my clients' minds is how can I get everything done at work and at home without burning out or stressing out? Many clients come to me overwhelmed, underperforming, and not getting the results they want. They are not enjoying life and work like they used to.

I've been working on this problem for 10 years and have helped many clients implement an effective productivity and time management system that brings the joy back into their work and life.

It Took years of study and lot's of trial and error, but this productivity and time management system works

As someone who struggles to remember key events in my life and is bad with details, I've had to create and processes to help me overcome these limitations. These processes and systems have helped me enjoy raising 3 kids, stay married, and run my own business. 


Now, you can use this system too. It will help you better utilize your time, strengths, and gifts so that you can stay productive and limit your stress. Ultimately resulting in a more enjoyable life at work and at home.

If you're ready to stop feeling overworked, stressed, and burned out it's time to discover how to manage your time, be more productive, and reduce stress so you can enjoy your work and life more.

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"Kyle is awesome and great to work with! His process, assessments, and analysis are so applicable to better yourself professionally and personally!"

Travis Kane

"Kyle is awesome! He helped me connect so many dots and even outlined people that I would work well with. He opened up a world of possibilities!"

Zach Smalley

Today, you can begin to enjoy your life and work again or you can continue to experience the burnout and overwhelm.

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