In this episode of the SAGE Mindset Podcast, I interview Hurley Fox. Hurley is a business consultant and bookkeeper with an educational background who loves making the lives of business owners easier. He is passionate about helping people get control of their business expenses and cash flow.

He shares the importance of paying off your debts and understanding what is getting in the way of being more profitable. One key point that really jumps out is his statement, “Don’t put pressure on your passion”. It’s the idea that when your passion is being squeezed by your financial needs (for many) this crushes the passion and prevents progress. To combat this, he suggests using your W2 to fund your passion. 

Finally, he encourages you to look at the 5 people that you interact with the most and determine if the sum of who they are is who you want to be. If not, find 5 other people to influence your life. 

To connect with Hurley, visit his LinkedIn profile

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