Holly Hoffman is a former bartender turned CPA who’s bootstrapped her way into consulting on sales tax in numerous both large and small scale professional service businesses. 

She’s a speaker, sales tax expert, and mother of three amazing daughters. In this episode, Holly Shares several powerful insights. The first is to admit when you know you don’t know. This will unlock powerful learning opportunities and ironically will boost your confidence! 

Second, Holly shares to remind yourself that you deserve better and then take the steps to make it possible. Next, we learn the power of trusting your instincts because no one will fight for you like you will fight for you. 

Finally, take the plunge, be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Holly shares some great insight on how public speaking has made a huge difference for her and will for you too. 

To connect with Holly directly and benefit from her sales tax expertise, please visit https://salesandincometax.com

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