What’s Your Leadership Score?

This Leadership Scorecard Survey is designed to you thinking critically and honestly about your leadership. The survey has 30 questions and looks at leadership from 6 areas.

  • Self-Awareness in leadership
  • How you support your team
  • How well you empower your team
  • Your one-on-one leadership skills
  • How you handle team dynamics
  • Leadership strategy

Take A Good Look At Your Leadership

I want to challenge you to look carefully at how you lead and where you can improve.

I’ll say this, the Leadership Scorecard is not designed to depress you, but it may be a reality check. I encourage you to take a chance. After all, your score may be astoundingly high and then you can celebrate!

Or your score (and hence, your leadership), may not be where it needs to be. Don’t despair. It’s better to know where you need to improve than deny reality. Once you know, you can start working on those leadership areas that need shoring up or a major teardown and overhaul.

The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. So go for it. You might be surprised by what you find out! After you complete the survey, you get access to a leadership assessment that you’ll love. Click the button below to begin.