“I’m not a morning person.” “I hit snooze 2 or 3 times every morning.” “Six AM is too early, I can’t get up that early!”

Have you said anything like that before? I know I have.

Many people will toss and turn or hit the snooze a few times before they finally get up. This ritual can keep us in bed for an extra 20-30 minutes. This cuts into our day and creates unneeded stress on us as we rush through our morning routine to head out to work, go to the gym, or get the kids to school.

This usually means more coffee, skipping the gym, no breakfast, and a more stressful drive into work. Not a great way to start your Tuesday!

Once you get to work, you’re like a whirlwind of activity and frustration. Flustered, it may take a few hours to unwind from the stress of the slow drivers and the hangry pains you’re experiencing. Not to mention, Toby has way too many questions for you to deal with this morning and that stupid “stand-up” meeting is going to kill your morning.

So what can you do?

Waking Up Early Is Easy

Waking up early is easy. We can all do it. In fact, all you have to do is set an alarm for 5:30am, 6:00am, or whatever you consider early. Voila, you’re awake.

What’s hard is getting up. The challenge isn’t waking up it’s getting up. Any dummy can wake up early but it takes herculean effort for some to get up early.

There are a lot of tricks to help you get up early.

  • Put your phone somewhere that forces you to get out of bed to turn it off.
  • Set your clothes (gym or work) out the night before so you don’t have to think too much.
  • Get your coffee pot set the night before.
  • Set more than one alarm.
  • Schedule something fun in the morning.
  • Have kids. Wait, maybe not the best reason to have kids.

But these don’t solve the fundamental issue of getting out of your bed.

A Mindset Change

A few days ago I was reading about how changing just one word in our thinking can make a major difference in our lives. The author said change have to get. Seems simple to me. How does that work for your cozy bed?

When it comes to getting up. The simple change goes from I have to get up to I get to get up. Subtle, but huge. This is a great place to start but still doesn’t physically get you out of bed.

The solution doesn’t require you to change your morning routine. You can try some of the tips in the list above, they will help but this simple action is what will get anyone out of bed. Once I tell you, it may seem too simple but that’s the beauty.

A Half-Assed Way To Start Your Day

A few days ago, I was laying in bed and had just turned off my alarm. I kept telling myself it’s time to get up, you can do it, just get up.

Then I had this thought. What do I need to do to get out of bed? Seems like a dumb question but I thought, I just need to get my left leg on the floor.

Let me ask you something. After your alarm goes off, which leg is closest to the edge of the mattress? Is it your left or right? Either way, putting that foot on the floor is the one thing you need to do to get up.

Sometimes we make things too complicated. If you breakdown what will literally get you out of bed, it’s that foot on the floor. Once you get that foot on the floor, half your ass is out of bed and you can start your day. That’s it.

This is why I call it a half-assed way to start my day.

If you struggle to get up in the morning, you can implement some of the tips above, but the mantra in your head is to get half your ass out of bed. Once that’s done, you’re set. Off to your routine.

Don’t Make It Complicated

Picture yourself in bed. It’s tomorrow morning and your phone is vibrating and playing music on your bed stand. The warm, cozy bed feels like it’s wrapping its arms around you in a wonderful embrace.

BUT, you know you get to get up and you know all you have to do is get your foot on the floor. That’s your one thing. Don’t try to make any other decisions. No need to think about the work meeting, getting the kids ready for school, or if you set the coffee timer. Those will come soon enough.

Your first victory of the day is one foot on the floor away. Tomorrow morning, I hope you have a half-assed start to your day.

Let me know what your tricks are to help you get up early.

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