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Do We Know You?

  • You lack confidence in your leadership.
  • You’re not driven to set goals anymore.
  • You’re struggling to find clear direction.
  • You feel frustrated in your current role.
  • You’ve lost passion for what you do.
  • You’re not reaching your potential.

This Program Has Helped People Just Like You!

Do you ever get the feeling late at night, when you’re trying to fall asleep that there is more you have to offer? To me, there is nothing more tragic than someone on their deathbed thinking about the “I wish I would haves” in life. 

Maybe you have a lack of direction in your life and leadership — or you know you need to make a change and aren’t really sure how. At Gillette Solutions, we believe it is morally wrong to go through life and not become the best version of yourself — yet people do that Every. Single. Day. 

How do I know that? I was one of them. Back in 2005, I was 30 pounds overweight, my relationships were falling apart, and I knew I needed to change something. That’s when I began what has become my life’s work. 

For the past 15 years, I’ve coached hundreds of people and organizations to help them create the life they wanted. The SAGE Leadership Program is a proven system to help you win and succeed in the areas that matter — leadership, relationships, and life. 

Yes — it’ll take time. It’ll take money. It’ll take hard work — but if your life and leadership isn’t worth hard work, then what is? 

If you want direction in your life and leadership, if you want someone to come alongside you and walk with you, if you want to live up to your potential, and sleep soundly at night because you know you’re the best version of yourself, then join the SAGE program. 

Past leaders have seen power transformations in their — leadership, relationships, and life. They feel for often the first time a sense of direction, a sense of purpose. Of meaning. 

What happens if you don’t go through the SAGE program? You’ll remain confused, frustrated, defeated. Exactly where you are. If you’re ok with that for your leadership and life then ok. 

But there is a way to change this. Thriving leaders are Self-Aware, Growing, Accountable, and driven to Empower others. All of this is within your reach.

No matter what your role is in an organization, a family, or a friend group when you thrive in these four areas, everyone around you benefits.

Imagine a business, a family, a friend group of thriving people. What would that do? Imagine yourself thriving, what would be different in your life?

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are you motivated & ready to Thrive?

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Invest In Yourself

When you join the SAGE Leadership Program, you're making the best investment a person can make. You're investing in your own development.

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Accomplish Your Goals

The SAGE Leadership Program changes lives because it's sole focus is you. Your struggles. Your progress. Your goals. So you can thrive.

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Thrive In Life & Work

After this program, you will have the direction you need, the plan to achieve your new vision, and the confidence to make it happen.

Who We Are

With over 15 years of coaching, mentoring, and leadership experience we believe to thrive in life and leadership you have to get unstuck and accept who you are.

But how do we do this? The answer is we help you embrace your talents and passions, discover your core values and vision, then build a solid path to success.

You deserve to be confident and thriving. The SAGE Program and Coaching gets you there.

But if you want to experience these life transforming changes, you will have to give your time, energy, and dedication.

What Some Of My Clients Have Said

As a longtime student and practitioner of leadership development and mentoring, I strongly recommend Gillette Solutions to boost your individual and team performance to the next level.

Michael Dovilla

Mike Dovilla

U.S. Navy Officer

Kyle expertly guided me through the assessments and program. The information was easy to learn and applicable immediately.

Charles Molencamp

Pastor, CTK Church

Kyle is awesome! He helped me connect so many dots and even outlined people that I would work well with. He opened up a world of possibilities!

Zach Smalley

Real Estate Agent

The People Who Love This Program

Leaders who are growing but want something more to take their growth to the next level.

Independent professionals who are struggling with what’s next and want to confidently step into their future.

Entrepreneurs who had a plan but it didn’t work out like they thought it would and need to find need new direction.

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Schedule Your Coaching Sessions

Work through the SAGE Program activities and discover how to embrace your talents & passions.

Live A SAGE Life

Complete the program and your 90-Day Strategic Plan to start taking powerful steps toward a SAGE Life.

The SAGE Program Is...

What Comes With The Program?

  • Self-Awareness of strengths and limitations
  • Accountability to self and others
  • Growing in life and leadership
  • Empowering others
  • 10 hours of one-on-one coaching
  • 2 powerful assessments and results debriefs
  • 10 high-impact practical activities to guide you through the program
  • Self-contained online course with instructions and embedded forms

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