After studying the lives of great leaders and experiencing great leaders, there’s one interesting approach that is common to their leadership. These leaders choose to lead in the context of eating with others. 

On this episode, I talk about how you can leverage this leadership strategy in three ways.

  1. Invite your employees to meals and serve them through this experience by listening and supporting.
  2. Invite friends, coworkers, and peers to meals and share what you want to accomplish in your life and business to build powerful accountability.
  3. Invite someone that you would like to mentor you to a meal and ask great questions, listen intently, and enjoy your meal with them. 

There is remarkable power in fellowship and sharing a meal together. SAGE Leaders are intentional about this and choose to create contexts to enjoy food with those they influence and those that influence them. 

Your challenge is to list out 3-5 people that you can invite to a meal over the course of the next 30-days. Pick at least one person from each of the 3 categories mentioned above.

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