Todays’s episode may be the most unique one to date. It also might be my favorite. In this episode, I have a fun conversation with my grandma about her history. From her experiences growing up in Kansas in the 1930s to her California adventures and how she met my grandpa, her stories and wisdom will be an encouragement to you. 

Not only this, what she shares will inspire you too! With that said, one of the main reasons I did this episode is to dedicate time to getting to know my grandma. When was the last time that you give someone 60-minutes of your undivided attention and asked a bunch of curiosity-based questions? I’ll wait….

Most of us rarely do this and some never have. Let this episode serve as a challenge to you to find a loved one or friend to who you can give this sort of attention to. I guarantee it will worth both of your time and will provide a deepening in that relationship more than you know!

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