Keys to a healthy family business

In this episode on the SAGE Mindset Podcast, I interview Derek Barnes of D&D insurance.  The owner of a successful local insurance company, Derek works with his wife, two kids, and other family members.

The family and office dynamics can be challenging to navigate. Derek offers 10 practical (and powerful) tips on how to run a successful family-owned business.

A few of the topics we cover include the importance of communication, trusting God with your business, seeking wise counsel, and anticipating the seasons of your business and family.

Whether you run a family-owned business or just have employees that aren’t your relatives, this interview gives you practical advice to help you elevate your leadership and EMPOWER your team.


Enjoy the podcast, think about the family dynamics within your business, and when you are ready to take the next step, schedule a discovery call.


Music on this episode:

Delctatio – Our Secret

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