Discover performance gaps • Implement A Strategic plan • Grow your Company

Discover the gaps in your business

We provide a company-wide business assessment that focuses on 5 non-financial key performance areas. The results provide you with actionable data for high-impact changes.
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Create a strategic plan

Next, we review the results of the business assessment and together a business strategy to shrink gaps in performance.

Grow Your Business

Last, we help you implement your strategic plan and provide a follow-up business assessment to track company progress.

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Get the data you need So You Can Create a
Business Strategy that works

You should be able to quickly and easily get actionable data on all areas of your company’s performance and have a rock-solid strategy to improve performance. Our Performance Gap Indicator Business Assessment is a one-of-a-kind tool to take your company’s performance to new heights. We help you discover performance gaps, develop a strategic plan to implement change, and provide a follow-up assessment to track ROI.

It's Easy To Get Started With Us

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Get The Data
You Need

Deploy the mobile-friendly employee survey. Employees need just 10-minutes to give you insights about your business you've never had before.

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Develop A
Strategic Plan

With the help of the survey results, we work with you to develop a strategic plan to fix gaps in culture, operations, leadership, training, and service.

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Implement Your
Plan And Grow

Utilize Gillette Solution's consulting and coaching services. Track your progress by completing surveys biannually and watch your business grow.

Interested In Our Performance Gap Indicator?

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