The Performance GAP Indicator

A company-wide employee survey to help you find performance gaps, develop a high-impact action plan, and transform your business.


Collect actionable data to improve employee engagement and company culture.


Build systems and processes that maximize business and people performance.


Everything rises and falls on leadership. Learn the GAPs in your leadership team.


Improve employee productivity and performance with targeted training.


Enhance customer service and create lasting relationships and investment.

Track ROI

Track performance and growth with follow-up assessments and immediately see your ROI.

Transform Business Performance
In 3 Easy Steps

Sign Up For The
PGI Employee Survey

Decide you want to identify GAPs and transform your business. We'll help you deploy the mobile-friendly employee survey.

The survey can be completed in under 10 minutes. Easy. Hassle free.

Identify High-Impact Areas
For Next Steps

Review your 30+ page report for urgent items, strengths, weaknesses, and much more.

Begin working with Gillette Solutions to identify high-impact areas and develop a GAP Plan.

Work Your GAP

Get to work on your GAP plan. Utilize Gillette Solution's consulting and coaching services.

Track your progress and watch the GAPs by completing GAP assessments biannually.

Unlock Business Potential

Could your business use a tool that will enhance it’s effectiveness across 5 key KPIs? This simple 45-question anonymous survey assessment tool will transform the effectiveness and the bottom-line of your business.

Discover the gaps in your business

What is the one area you know your business has a gap in performance? With this assessment, you will have the data to make changes to this area and many more. 

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