Discover What Moves You Masterclass

4 Steps To Harness Your Strengths And Propel You Forward

When you discover and understand the unseen forces that drive your behavior, you have the power to overcome obstacles in your relationships, your business, and your life.

  • Stop missing opportunities and finding yourself frozen with fear!
  • Stop feeling stuck in relationship ruts!
  • Stop living your life by default! 
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JULY 25TH @ 11:00AM PST

I’m Kyle Gillette and I want to show you how to discover the values, emotions, and passions that drive your behavior so you can harness your natural strengths and thrive in life and business.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients breakthrough fear, indecision, and procrastination to take the action to live the life they’ve always wanted. Now it’s your turn!


We are all uniquely "wired" to think and behave in specific ways.

The Platinum Rule

Learn how the platinum rule can change the way you communicate and interact.

Your Behavior Patterns

Learn what your behavior patterns say about you and how you can leverage them.

What Drives You To Action

Learn the universal motivators and how they impact your decision making and actions.

Two Questions

Discover the two questions you can ask that will help you to better communicate with anyone.

Overcome obstacles in your relationships, your business, and your life

After failed attempts at opening businesses and needed to do some souls searching. During this time, I found a framework that helped me understand not only why I was feeling stuck, but how to reconnect to my passions and values.

I found the motivation I needed to take action and make real and lasting change in my life.

One of the key realizations was that the areas where we feel stuck are the places where our automatic behaviors and beliefs are suffocating our values and passions.

This masterclass helps you unlock your motivation and break the behavioral patterns getting in your way so you can turn your desires and dreams into reality.

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Learn How To Harness Your Unique Talents, Strengths, and Values

Learn the 4 steps that lead to self-discovery that will help you harness your strengths and propel you forward. Learn how knowing your "wiring" will help you step into a life that feels vibrant and satisfying. Join the free Discover What Moves You Masterclass and discover the path that will change your life.



Kyle Gillette

Kyle Gillette is the owner of Gillette Solutions, a certified executive coach and a self-proclaimed productivity nerd. Kyle's been coaching people for 15 years and has over a decade of business leadership experience.

Some of his experience includes running his own personal training business, authoring a book on life change and finding direction, and being the executive director of a non-profit for several years.

He lives in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife and three daughters. If you're in the area, he loves to play racquetball so don't hesitate to ask (seriously).

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Imagine knowing exactly what motivates you and being able to harness your strengths to propel you towards your dreams.
Imagine understanding what gets in your way and unlocking the patterns that keep you stuck. Imagine stepping into a life, your life, that feels vibrant, thriving, and satisfying.