How do highly successful people get such great clarity in their personal and professional lives?

It all starts with self-awareness. The more awareness you have of yourself, the more clarity you will have around your relationships, your intentions, your passions, your limitations, and much more.

We’ve all dealt with the pain of bad habits, unachieved goals, and limiting beliefs. Self-awareness doesn’t fix these things it brings clarity to them and exposes them.

Your Life Can Get Pixelated

Have you seen pixelated movies on YouTube or Facebook? They’re awful. It’s hard to tell what’s going on. You have to guess a bit as to what’s happening. It just doesn’t feel right to not see videos in HD.

For me, it creates a little anxiety or frustration when the dang video won’t get clear. Unfortunately, when we try and look at our own lives it’s a little fuzzy and pixelated.

It’s unclear why we acted that way toward a friend. Why we spoke that way to the employee. It’s a bit fuzzy as to why we can’t seem to stay motivated at work.

When you don’t understand your behaviors, struggle to grasp why you’re not motivated like you used to be, or why your attitude has changed it’s frustrating and worrisome.

Being and staying self-aware is the key to overcoming the pixelation.

Self-Awareness Brings Clarity To Your Life

It’s true, self-awareness brings clarity to your life. When you understand your own emotions, motives, and values this brings clarity to decision making. It provides a clearer view of what you’re doing and why.

Self-awareness allows you to clearly see and understand the movies unfolding before you in your life. Your need to guess fades. You don’t have to be so frustrated because you understand what’s happening to you.

You feel the frustration and know why it’s there. That kick to the gut after a failed project makes more sense now and has a different meaning to you. Your role in a relationship that’s not working out as you thought it would is more clear.

Self-awareness opens up possibilities in your heart, your work, your mind, and other areas that you couldn’t see before.

Clarity In Your Life Brings Prosperity To Your Life

When self-awareness becomes a habit, when it becomes a purposeful path you pursue every day, you prosper.

Imagine if you could understand what drives you and how to harness this. What could that do for you at work? Imagine if you understood and could admit to your limitations. How could you empower those around you to support you?

This level of clarity opens the door for new levels of success. You will begin to see prosperity in your relationships, at work, and in your own growth. The more you understand what’s going on in the movie of your life, the more you can engage the story and purposefully impact outcomes.

People that are not self-aware don’t understand what’s happening in their lives and why it’s happening. Instead, they stay frustrated by what little change is happening. They don’t understand why they’ve stopped advancing in their career or why they can’t get the breakthroughs they want.

The funny thing about self-awareness is you need someone besides yourself to help you get it.

A Coach Provides Clarity And Prosperity You Can’t Get On Your Own

Fortunately, many people have had this experience and realized there is a solution that works. A coach provides the insights into your personal and professional life that you are too close to see. A coach can take that pixelated video and help you make it HD.

Your lack of self-awareness is preventing the clarity you could have in your life. Without that clarity in your life, you are losing out on the many opportunities for prosperity in your life.

A coach comes alongside you and takes your own self-awareness to new levels of understanding. In my coaching practice, there are many ways I help people build their self-awareness:

  • Values development
  • Vision statement
  • Emotional intelligence testing
  • Goal-setting
  • Habit tracking
  • etc.

One of my favorites is the DISC Assessment tool.

If you’ve been on my site before or worked with me before, you know I love the DISC Assessment. It’s an unbelievably powerful tool to enhance self-awareness, provide clarity, and bring prosperity to many areas of your life.

If you want to make progress in your life. If you want to gain more clarity that will lead to greater prosperity in your life, taking a DISC Assessment and completing a debrief with me is a great place to start.

Sign up for the assessment and 30-minute debrief below. I’m offering it free to 5 people this month. After 5 people sign up, I charge $90 per assessment and 30-minute debrief.

Schedule Your Assessment & Debrief

I’m looking forward to helping you get more clarity and reach new levels of prosperity!

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