A Mastermind To Help You Build the accountability you need to accomplish massive results in 90-days

A business accountability mastermind to help you leverage the power of coaching, peer insight, and accountability to accomplish more and build momentum moving forward.

Business coaching and group discussion that delivers better decisions, accountability, and massive results.


Passionate and motivated leaders like yourself looking to find an edge in their business and the way they lead. 


Find the clarity, structure, and momentum needed to level up your business. 

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What is a SAGE Accountability Pod?

A SAGE Accountability Pod is a group of passionate and motivated business owners and leaders who desire to accomplish their goals but can’t get over the hurdle in front of them to make it happen. These groups are designed to help leaders like yourself break through the limitations and find the clarity, structure, and momentum needed to level up your business. Apply now to join our next 90-day mastermind group. 

What Can You Expect?

Group Support and Feedback


Join a group of 3-4 of your business owner peers on a biweekly coaching and accountability video conference. 

Habit Improvement and Goal Achievement


Accomplish more in 90 days than you ever thought possible and maintain your momentum to achieve massive future results.

Expand Your Network


Network together with other SAGE Accountability members and build lasting connections and business opportunities.

BONUS: One On One Business Coaching


Receive 1:1 coaching from your ICF and John Maxwell Certified Mastermind business coach after the 90-day SAGE Accountability Pod.

What People Are Saying About Business Accountability Pods

My business has grown significantly after just 3 meetings. I've increased my efforts in the right direction and it has resulted in several new clients and a whole new perspective on what is possible with my business. The accountability from this group helps to keep me on track and stay motivated because I know I will have to report back.


John Potter

Manna Insurance Agent

My stress level has decreased significantly after joining this SAGE Pod. I'm more efficient with my patients, I go home on time much more often, and I'm collaborating much more effectively with my employee. The group dynamic has been really helpful to see things from their perspective and open myself to their insight and feedback.


Dr. Richard Tran

Owner - Color Chiropractic

high 5

How does a business accountability mastermind help you?

Right Goals - Faster

Achieve the right goals and faster. Poor business decisions result in missed opportunities, lost revenue, and distrust. Be confident in your decisions and achieve your goals faster.

Leverage Accountability

Your coach and fellow SAGE Pod members will hold you accountable to your goals and help you identify your leadership gaps and blindspots.

Strategize Together And Get Results

Work with your coach during the bi-weekly calls and pod members to strategize solutions to delegation, time management, business growth, and much more.



How does a SAGE Accountability Pod Work?

Twice a month you meet with passionate and motivated business owners and leaders like yourself to work through challenges, opportunities, and unknowns. Your group is led by an experienced business coach to facilitate discussion and maintain powerful momentum for each member while holding the group accountable.

Experience a powerful jumpstart coaching call with your SAGE Pod leader and a follow-up coaching call at the end of the 90-day mastermind.

Who Should Join A SAGE Accountability Pod?

If you are a business owner or leader who is struggling to make progress at the pace needed, this group is for you. If you want to support and accountability to accomplish a massive goal for your business or leadership, apply today. This group is for you if you are looking for insights and feedback on their leadership and business gaps with no BS and no filter.

If you want powerful coaching, business insights, and like-minded passionate leaders in your network, apply today.

SAGE Leadership Assessment

Get insights on your leadership behaviors, strengths, and gaps in this powerful assessment.

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