Month: September 2018


10-Minute Tuesdays

Several years ago, I worked for a men’s mentoring program called Alpha Academy. During my time there, I lived in a house with between 1 to 4 guys who were trying to get their lives on track. As a “house leader” there, I mentored the guys by working and living alongside them. One of the …

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8 Ways You Can Massively Improve Productivity

You can start using these simple tricks, habits, and ideas to improve productivity starting today. Truly understand what results you are striving for. Set and write down goals, post them everywhere (mirrors, office desk, computer, by the toilet…wherever). Use Work Bursts. Work in 90-minute bursts 3-4 times a day. During this time you focus only on …

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What's Your Leadership Score?

This Leadership Scorecard Survey is designed to you thinking critically and honestly about your leadership. The survey has 30 questions and looks at leadership from 6 areas. Self-Awareness in leadership How you support your team How well you empower your team Your one-on-one leadership skills How you handle team dynamics Leadership strategy Take A Good …

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silence in leadership

Silence Isn't Deafening, Silence Is Defining

In writing people talk about reading between the lines. I think in talking “reading between the lines” is when we ask a question and silently wait and listen for a response. Silence is one of the most challenging tasks that a leader has to take on. But great leadership requires shutting your mouth. In a …

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